THANK YOU for considering working with me. Please read carefully the following guidelines that stipulates the rules of engagement for artistic, technological and consultation projects with clients. 


# First 15 minutes phone consultation is FREE

# Hourly rate is $70 + any associated costs (including transportation)

# Personal and/or online meetings are scheduled and paid in advance. Payment is not refundable    if you miss the appointment unless the appointment is re-scheduled with anticipation: at least   48 hours in advance. 

# First half of project is paid in advance, the other half is paid upon completion

# Upon project completion, the first 3 hours of project editing, modification and/or updating     (if needed) are included in the original budget. The same rate of $70 + costs apply after that

# The artist reserves the right to document the commissioned work for artistic reasons and         to include it (for demonstration purposes only) as part of his online portfolio

# The client reserves the right to present, edit, re-mix, and even sell the artist's work         without prior consent from the artist provided he is properly acknowledged


After the initial free phone consultation, the client and artist define the topic to be discussed during the first meeting. Client pays in advance first meeting. Artist prepares accordingly and brings initial ideas to table to be discussed with client. Subsequent meetings define the project. Client pays first half of project and artist keep client updated with results. Upon project's completion, client pays the second half. Artist can edit and update final results up to 3 hours of work without additional costs to client.