In Digital Cloth the act of using a floor loom to weave narratives on remaining hopeful during the pandemic serves as inspiration to combine audiovisual materials, as if they were threads, into an intangible textile artwork. Based upon Calvino's public textile art project Weaving Narratives, in which he collects, records and exhibit written words from participating individuals in his community, Digital Cloth explores (and interrogates) the relationship among the spoken and written text with sounds and images.

'Ocho_Cortado: Altered Realities of a Tango Dream'

Short film portraying the tango dreams of a woman on her daily subway commute. Reality and fantasy are in dialogue with each other through the embodiment of tango dance with subway strangers. One of the dreams anticipate a tragic event in reality. Featuring Jusleine DanielEli LeserowitzSantiago SteelePeter H. Visoso! Written and directed by Martin Calvino

'Cuerpo-Ventana del Recuerdo'

In this work dancing bodies of a tango couple in New York City are re-intepreted as windows into a new but related territory, that of Candombe from the streets of Montevideo. As bodies move across the space, they reveal different aspects of a fond remembrance of my country of origin, Uruguay and its cultural activity

'Trapped in a tango loop'

A tango couple is trapped within a digital tango loop, dancing to the beat of the pixel on the screen

'Cross Pollination' is short demo video showcasing a proposed performance in which audio files corresponding to sonification of rice domestication gene sh4 are altered in real time in response to the movement of a plant leaf in front of my laptop's camera. The movement also alters the visual elements of a painting representing sh4 protein

Visuals inspired on a song from Howard Loomis (Olivia Reid & Jack Kleinick) titled 'Move with Me'. I had the opportunity to record the artist's rehearsal and combined with recordings from my train commute to NYC

Experimental video addressing the relationship between the hand of the artist and his plastic artwork, as opposed to the hand of the artist and his technological tool for everyday life. One is necessary for fulfilling the inner world whereas the other is necessary to get by in modern life

'Cuatro Palabras' is a short film about a tango story exploring the emotional tension of a couple. An uncomfortable event at an afternoon milonga prompted Sandra to abruptly go home. Starring Sandy Urna & Jorge Razumny. Sponsored by 'Casa Argentina' of New Jersey

'Dance What You Read' is a short film I created as promotional material for the book 'Tango Intoxication' written by Batt Johnson. The author of the book himself collaborated in acting the piece in conjunction with Gayle Gibbons Madeira and Jusleine Daniel

Comparative tango visualization: orchestral renditions of 'Esta Noche de Luna' based on loudness levels. Songs start on the left and finish on the right end. At any given moment throughout the composition, dots are drawn according to loudness, the further down dots are drawn the louder the sound. When loudness levels surpass 15% dots are painted in white. From top to bottom, renditions of Jose Garcia and Graciano Gomez (light orange color), Carlos Di Sarli (pink), Canaro (violet) and Pugliese (in light blue). Thanks to Meg Farrell for providing me with the Pugliese-Maciel version of the composition. All four songs were played simultaneously with video recorded in real time. No music is played (otherwise you would have to listen all four at once, (which I did several time and is messy)

Video artwork exploring sound mapping in which amplitude and frequency attributes of an audio files are visually represented in real time as the music plays. The work is a visual profile of 'La Cumparsita' tango song rendered by DiSarli orchestra

Video artwork created as tribute to Gerardo Matos Rodriguez who composed the tango song 'La Cumparsita' for the 100 years celebration since it was first presented in Montevideo. The version of the Cumparsita played on the video is from D'arienzo orchestra

This video has sound. In this experiment I used computer vision principles to manipulate audio files in real time (two tango songs). There is a long way to go for me

This video showcases my stance regarding immigration policies recently implemented by the administration in United States. As immigrant and permanent resident, I appear drinking yerba mate (traditional way of drinking tea in my country) while the words "America is a land of immigrants" change size according to the movement of my body

This video display responsive artwork. By responsive I refer to the visual elements 'following' the movement of the ball while I hold it on my hand

This video shows artwork I created with code that is responsive to body movement captured with the Microsoft's Kinect sensor. I appear in the video performing simple tango steps

In this video, the 'yellow pointer' survey the black & white photographs in response to body movement while dancing tango in front of a sensor. As the pointer 'surf' the photographs, it takes the colors at the specific location and 'translate' them to paint the artwork in real time. The discurse of the piece relates to taking the colors from the past to paint the present. For more on the concept behind this artwork refer to the 'blog' section of this webpage