Written documentation of my work in machine learning, art-science, tango culture and more. 

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Data Visualization - Hierarchical Clustering in R

Textile Artwork @ The Newark Museum of Art: 'Revision & Respond' Exhibition

Interlaced Objects no.1: an art installation involving textiles, data, flowers and video

Art Cover of Leonardo Journal: June 2021

Digital Cloth: audiovisual artwork inspired on weaving


Weaving Narratives: public textile art project

Art to wear: my artistic re-interpretation of a traditional trouser

Digital sculptures in virtual reality (VR): a first approximation

REPURPOSED: artistic experimentation with adapted materials

Coevolutionism: the emergence of a new subgenre in abstract painting

Series of abstract paintings inspired on artificial intelligence generated art

Human-Machine creativity: implementing artificial intelligence for art making

Uruguay (Un)Natural - Internet Memes for Political Dissent 

SUBORDINATED REALITY: open call for [video art + short film exhibition] on behalf of Videokanava artist group in Finland 



REVOLT_ media arts + tango zine

Automated detection of political ideology from text 

Visualization of Convolutional Neural Network's representation of images derived from handmade and algorithmic artworks

Image classification of Calvino's artworks using Convolutional Neural Networks

ENCHUFE: Montevideo electroTango Festival

Re-appropriation of short films for video art creation

Helitron Art - from network graphs of Wikipedia pages to DNA sequences from DNA transposons, to algorithmic art

Natural language processing of Facebook messages; and their inclusion into an abstract painting

Interactive audiovisual augmentation of physical paintings

TechnoArte Latino at Princeton Public Library: insightful discussions on the role of technology in shaping culture through arts

Performing electronic music at Rutgers University

Organized Sound: upcoming album on electronic music + tango lyrics


OCHO CORTADO: altered realties of a tango dream

looping thoughts: my first album of electronic music with a notch of tango remix

Audiovisual studies of dancing bodies and electroTango sound compositions

Re-interpreting dancing bodies in video-art

Approaching Uruguayan culture through the lens of new media arts: summary of event held at the Consulate General of Uruguay in NY

Electro Cortinas Milongueras: electronic music + tango remix

Creation of synthetic microRNA169 gene copies using machine learning: artistic purpose synthetic biology and artificial intelligence

Exploring the expressive capacity of Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) for tango lyrics composition

AI-generated tango: pure machine creativity churns out tango lyrics like those of the golden age

Automation of 'news headlines' on Donald Trump using machine learning

Procedurally generated artworks based on multiple sequence alignment of orthologous gene copies

Auditory perception of reduction in genome diversity as consequence of plant domestication

The subversion of music to body movement: a techno-performance study of Argentine tango

Live image processing & VJing: my experience performing at '1+1=3 series' in conjunction with Howard Loomis


The surrealistic dimension of performance dance: a visual study of body-form and motion in Argentine tango

The momentary life of an image: using light as medium of plastic expression

CUATRO PALABRAS is a short film exploring the emotional tension of a tango couple

DANCE WHAT YOU READ: a short film as promotional material for the recently published book 'Tango Intoxication'  by Batt Johnson

Sound story: a night of tango in NYC with Marta Chaban

A sonic journey into a night of tango

Aesthetic investigations of synthetically produced SOUND COMPOSITIONS derived from variations in loudness from 'El Choclo' tango

Comparative visualization of orchestral renditions of 'Esta Noche de Luna' tango composition as raw material for computational art

Post-polyploidy subgenome evolution of glitch art 

Auditory perception of CG and CCG sequence context variation at the VERNALIZATION 1 gene from temperate and tropical grasses

Artistic tribute to the centennial anniversary of 'La Cumparsita' tango song

Possibilities for genomic selection purely based on aesthetic principles

The creative process behind my work


Arte GAGAISTA from rice genomic segments as mechanism for creative exploration

Building the artistic character of genes and genomes

Taking the colors of the past to draw the present: the body of the tango dancer as time travel machine

An artistic rationalization of 'sustainable intensification'

A framework for the integration of art and science

From art to science and back to art

Visual interpretation of LinkedIn economic graph

Digital art liven up corporate image

When art meets branding