Electro_Cortinas_Milongueras: electronic music + tango re-mix


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The rendering of music in tango social dance is structured in groups of three or four songs, with each group separated by a non-tango song called 'the cortina'. Cortinas allow dancers to exchange partners throughout the night. Most of times cortinas are not played until completion and are only there to signify a 'break' among group of tangos. Because there is no established rule as to which music genre should be played as cortina, DJs explore a wide range of options and styles. In my case, when DJing I sometimes include electronic tango music as cortina and let it play until conclusion of the track. Here, I present five electronic tango compositions of my own creation exclusively conceived as cortinas for social dance settings (that's the reason for their short length of about half-minute). They are based on electronic sound compositions with remixed tango segments. The dual role of experimental electronic music composer and DJ allows for an interesting and unique opportunity to explore the field and expand traditional tango social dance into new avenues.



If you are a DJ and find these compositions interesting enough as to be included in your own playlists, please don't hesitate contacting me.





Composition 1: contains re-mixed audio segment from the song 'Tu Corazon - Orchestra - Alfredo De Angelis'

Composition 2: contains re-mixed audio segment from the song 'La Cumparsita - Orchestra - El Arranque' 

Composition 3: contains re-mixed audio segment from 'Quejas de Bandoneon - Orchestra - Rodolfo Biagi' with re-mixed audio segment from 'Dona Soledad - Alfredo Zitarrosa'

Composition 4: contains re-mixed audio segment from 'Compadron - Orchestra - Alfredo De Angelis'

Composition 5: contains re-mixed audio segment from 'Muneca Brava - Orchestra - Ricardo Tanturi - with voice of Alberto Castillo'





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