Digital sculptures in virtual reality (VR): a first approximation

Starting on May this year I have spent a bit of time experimenting with Virtual Reality (VR) as an artistic medium. I acquired an Oculus Quest (128 GB) and started to explore Google Tilt Brush as a software application to create digital sculptures in 3D space. Slowly, I've started to study coding VR applications using Unity. It will take some time until I feel comfortable with this new medium. Nonetheless, here are my first experiments:

Art Exhibit 1. Digital sculpture inspired in butterfly wings

Art Exhibit 2. Digital sculpture inspired on women and men physiological response such as menstruation and ejaculation

Art Exhibit 3. Digital sculpture inspired on one of my simple sketches on my drawing notebook

Art Exhibit 4. Still images from a digital sculpture in VR inspired on the social unrest ought to police brutality after the killing of George Floyd. I went to a street protest in my town at the time, and this visual piece was developed after the protest. Created on June-2020.