Digital Cloth: audiovisual artwork inspired on weaving

In 'Digital Cloth' the act of using a floor loom to weave narratives on remaining hopeful during the pandemic serves as inspiration to combine audiovisual materials, as if they were threads, into an intangible textile artwork. Based upon Calvino's public textile art project Weaving Narratives, in which he collects, records and exhibit written words from participating individuals in his community, Digital Cloth explores (and interrogates) the relationship among the spoken and written text with sounds and images.

This work exhibits interesting characteristics that arises as consequence of combining images with animated text and sound. Images relate either directly or indirectly to the act of weaving, narratives and public expression. The text has a supporting role to the images on these topics but also provides a space for its own reflection. I created the sound accompanying the visuals through sampling of daily sounds at my home that included printing and scanning documents, and drinking Yerba Mate tea, among others. The animated text is in dialogue with the spoken voice I recoded of myself reading aloud. All together, the creative process reflect daily activities at home during the pandemic.