Re-appropriation of short films for video art creation

In this brief essay, the author describes the re-appropriation of the previously created and released short film named "Ocho Cortado: Altered Realities of a Tango Dream' as raw material for video art creation and; at the same time as accompaniment to an electroTango sound composition from the same author.

The video art piece combines elements from traditional tango danced in non-traditional settings such as the subway in New York City, traditional tango music re-mixed into non-traditional electronic music, and the non-traditional use of Japanese characters from an adaptation of the 'matrix rain' code provided by Emily Xie (see references) into a non-traditional video art piece. Because of this, the artwork thus combine elements from three different cultures: (a) South America (Montevideo and Buenos Aires as the center of origin of Tango); (b) New York City; and (c) Japan.

Since the author have lived and studied in Japan during three years (2003 - 2006), he considered the possibility of modifying and adapting the matrix rain code previously described (see references) to incorporate it into his tango audiovisual work.

A fourth visual element completes the piece, and it relates to abstract paintings created with acrylic on cardboard (see references) as means to provide the piece with 'texture' and 'spontaneity' with sudden changes of colors.

The sound composition was created by re-mixing traditional tangos with de novo electronic sounds developed by the author. The lyrics were read in the author's own voice and were composed using machine learning by training a Recurrent Neural Networks algorithm with a corpus text containing more than 5 thousand traditional tango lyrics (see references). Thus the sound composition coalesces into a single audio file the past (tango), the present (electronic music) and possibly, the future (artificial intelligence and creativity).

Video 1. Audiovisual work featuring the electroTango sound composition 'tuve quemando la traición' from the upcoming album 'Organized Sound' ( The visual piece features remixed video footage from 'Ocho Cortado' short film that featured the following actors: Jusleine Daniel, Eli Leserowitz, Santiago Steel, and Hugo Visoso.

Figure 1. Selected still images from the audiovisual work shown on Video 1.


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