Performing electronic music at Rutgers University

On Thursday-February-28-2019 I had the pleasure to give a talk about my work at the intersection of multimedia arts and tango as invited speaker to the class 'Music in the Caribbean' hosted by instructor Bob Ramos from the Department of Latino and Caribbean Studies at Rutgers University. I spoke about my work on tango music visualization and electronic music composition, capture and analysis of tango dancer's bodies in motion, tango lyric composition using machine learning, and documentation of tango social context in New York city through the screening of three short films and the audio rendering of two sound stories. At the end of my talks I performed two electronic music pieces (each talk and performance to a different class, with two class groups in total during the same day).

Photo gallery 1. Pictures from talks and performances at Rutgers University.

Video 1. Excerpt from electronic music performance of 'Tuve quemando la traction' soundtrack from upcoming album 'organized_sound'.

Video 2. Excerpt from electronic music performance of 'Don't stay serious' soundtrack from already released album 'looping_thoughts'.