'looping_thoughts': my first album of electronic music with a notch of tango remix

On Friday-November-30-2018 my first album of electronic music, with name of 'looping_thoughts', was released under Record Label Bandurria (Figure 1). It contains five distinct sound compositions each with a unique style derived from combining electronic music with a notch of tango remix. The album is available for download on 'bandcamp' (Figure 2) at the following weblink.

Figure 1. Screenshot of Bandurria's website displaying represented artists and all their music album releases. The album 'looping_thoughts' from Martin Calvino can be seen at the upper-left corner of the figure.

Figure 2. Screenshot of 'looping_thoughts' available for download on 'bandcamp' under Bandurria at the following link.

In this album I contrasted the creative capacity of machine learning algorithms to that of my own six-years-old daughter by including tango lyrics created using Recurrent Neural Networks (see References) and my child's own creative output. The album represents the artistic exploration of combining artificial and human creative instances.

The name 'looping_thoughts' references computational processes and the 'looping' structure of electronic music, and sometimes my own 'repetitive thoughts' when working on a particular idea. The soundtracks carry the name 'thought_0 to 4' as referencial to ideas expressed in the realm of sound.

In the first three soundtracks, tango lyrics created with machine learning are interpreted in my own voice, read in Spanish as traditional tangos. They were originally intended to be played as 'cortinas' in traditional milonga settings (tango social gatherings) and that's the reason for their short duration. I've previously explored the idea of composing soundtracks to be played as cortinas (see References) when DJing, and these new tracks are a polished continuation of that work.

The last two tracks were created as 'performative' sound pieces and they are considerably 'lengthy'; they were recorded while I performed them (Video 1). These compositions combined lyrics created by Milena Calvino and rendered in her own voice.

Video 1. Excerpt from performance rehearsal of 'though_3' soundtrack.

As concluding remark I want to highlight the importance of combining 'algorithmic' processes into the creative output of an artist and the 'humanization' of those artworks by sharing and presenting them to the public.


I would like to thanks Aaron Montoya-Moraga for his support into the creation of this album.





The soundtracks for the album have been renamed as follow:

'Cielo de tus orillas' > thought_0

'Amor herido de locura' > thought_1

'Vivo por tu bien' > thought_2

'Are you good at art or anything' > thought_3

'Don't stay serious' > thought_4

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