DJ-ing at 'Milonga Otra Noche' in CausewayBay, Hong Kong

Last night was a great night because several attributes converged into one singe place.

First, the audio system was really good and I could partially interact with it via a DJ controller which gave much more flexibility in unrolling the playlist. Speakers were located on each corner of the room and allowed for a more 'immersive' experience when listening and dancing tango. Second, the gender balance allowed for almost all followers to dance throughout the night. Third, the crowd was very energetic and danced non-stop from beginning to end (4 hours straight).

The organizers were very nice and on top of things. I arrived early and they were there already.

This was the night I premiered three of my electroTango sound compositions played as cortinas! And I really enjoyed listening to them as intermediaries between the previous and the next tanda. I intend on keeping composing!

Because of the dual role of composer-DJ I've been thinking about having a dedicated artist's pseudonym that relates to my name (Martin Calvino Torterolo) and decided on using CALVIOT from now on; which stands from Calvino ('Calvi') and Torterolo ('To' in reverse becomes 'oT').