DJ-ing at Milonga_X in Hong Kong on a hot summer night

On a summer night of August-7-2018 I had the pleasure to DJ at Milonga_X in Hong Kong. For the occasion I created a playlist that started the night with the song 'Llorar por una mujer' (1941) from Enrique Rodruiguez's orchestra, with Armando Moreno as singer and lyrics from Enrique Cadicamo. Because of the very rhythmic style of the song, it set the tone for a very energetic night of dancing, followed by a tanda of Rodolfo Biagi.

The reason for choosing 'Llorar por una mujer' as the opening song was ought to a situation I encountered at the residence for international professionals I was staying in Hong Kong at the time. The previous night to the milonga, I was drinking coffee on the balcony at 3AM (yes, sometimes I cannot sleep) and a Korean guy (also living there) showed up totally disturbed, feeling sad, and looking like crap! I asked him what was going on and if he needed help. It was when he told me he has just broken up with his girlfriend. The following morning when working on my playlist for DJing, I happened to remember that song and decided to include it in his honor!

Here is the lyrics and it talks about crying for a girl:

Conozco muchos que después de criticar se fueron a clavar en un cariño y esos, después de reír, los he visto sufrir y llorar como niños... Ahí nadie puede guapear porque he visto aflojar hasta el más sobrador. Si no querés pifiar tendrás que caminar con cuidado en el amor. Llorar, llorar por una mujer es quererla y no tenerla. Llorar, Llorar por una mujer es muy hondo padecer. Vos, que pa'l amor fuiste retobao, hoy tu pena es fuerte y te tiene arrinconcao, y hoy que no la ves y que la querés se te achica el alma, y recién sabés lo que es: Llorar, llorar por una mujer. Muchachos, ya lo ven, al potro del amor no hay gaucho domador que lo domine. Cuando nos entra a tallar una pena de amar, el varón se define... Ahí comprobamos lo que es ese fiero revés que nos hace llorar... Conozca muchos que después de criticar los he ido a consolar.
It is always nice when a real life story in the present can be connected back to the feeling the song writer had at the time he composed the tango lyrics. It gave me the impression that is present everyday as we live life outside the milonga.
Here is the announcement of the event posted on Facebook by the organizer of Milonga_X:

I really like the place as it was small and cozy. The crowd was very nice and danced throughout the night. The organizer was very diligent, polite and on top of every detail regarding the event. Definitely, I would love to come back and DJ again!