Molding the emotional state of dancers with beautiful tangos: DJ-ing in Hong Kong

Martin Calvino started DJ-ing tango at 'MateAmargo Milonga' (co-founded with Jusleine Daniel) in New Jersey, United States, during the years of 2011-2012. At that time he also DJed at 'Milonga de Barrio' in New York City. After taking a long break for professional and family reasons, he came back as DJ to play at the alternative room of 'All Night Milonga' in New York City on April of 2018. His style on the traditional room is characterized for playing rhythmic orchestras throughout the night with deep and melodic tangos towards the end of the milonga. He likes to use 'cortinas' as an opportunity to engage dancers with 'tango nuevo' tunes. On the alternative room he prefers to follow 'no rules', mixing nuevo tunes with deep and melodic traditional tangos. He has developed and implemented a unique style of combining different orchestral renditions of the same song in consecutive order, challenging dancers to apply their skills to different orchestral interpretations of the same song.

Now in Hong Kong, he makes time aside from his busy schedule as New Media Artist at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, to take classes on Professional DJ-ing and Electronic Music Composition (Producer), with the long term goal of integrating tango and electronic music, and combine them with audio-reactive visual performances. He is also an active filmmaker, having created two short films based on tango stories and currently preparing a third one to be produced in Hong Kong.

For his DJ-ing tour in Hong Kong, he aims at molding the emotional state of dancers through music, removing them from their busy and stressful workday schedule and routine, and immersing them into a world of deep emotions; emotions they can express with each embrace and step they take on the dance floor. For him, DJ-ing is sculpting emotions through music!

Hong Kong Tour:

August-7-2018 'Milonga X' - Lan Kwai Fong, Central

August -17-2018 'Milonga Otra Noche' - Dance Culture, CausewayBay

August-20-2018 'Milonga N' - DanzStage, Tin Hau