week_1: collection of short videos as raw material for live image processing and performance

For this class assignment I decided to focus on 'the hand and the technology' as general topic to guide the shooting of short videos with my iPhone. The idea was to contrast the humanity of the hand with the coldness of the technological objects that surround me on a daily basis, object that are functional as to the improvement of some aspect of modern life in urban areas.

Videos were all captured in the iPhone's native position (vertical orientation) and for most of them I tried to keep the footage length at around 15 seconds. After collecting them I noticed the color palette was very narrow since the color of my hand does not vary, and in most cases technological objects weren't that colorful to start with (think about classes black-plastic interfaces).

Because of their ubiquitous presence in our daily life, I would like to use Max/MSP/Jitter to apply image and video processing algorithms to 'fuse' the hand with the technological object and 'transform' the relationship among the two as hybrid images of video footage to convey the sense that modern humans are inseparable from their technological tools.

I organized the collected videos in a dedicated folder named liveImageProcessing_week1_videos and named each video as 'hand 1' to 'hand 18' respectively.

The technological objects presented here also did not presented a variety of textures as they were usually 'smooth' and as such perhaps not that much interesting from an artistic point of view. In terms of form, they were squared with round edges or not, circular, ovoid or cylindrical.