week_6: mounting motors

For this class assignment I exercised the mounting of a DC motor from Adafruit's experiment kit using a custom mount created from the accessories that accompany blinders set for mounting on window's houses.

The plastic enclosures that are mounted on windows wooden frames provided me with the right size of mount, containing plenty of wholes in which to place fasteners to fix the mount onto any piece of wood.

Figure 1. Placing a DC motor within a plastic enclosure usually used to mount blinders into window's houses wooden frames

This approach provided me with a convenient way to re-use the accessories from old blinders instead of discarding them.

Figure 2. Mounted DC motor to a wooden platform

I proceeded then to test the motor in action by connecting it into an Arduino circuit board and see how it worked within the mount.

Video 1. Demo of DC motor stably mounted and functioning

The next step was to mount a small structure on the motor's shaft, I decided to cut out a circle from a vinyl sheet and place it right on the gear.

Figure 3. Vinyl circle mounting on motor's shaft harboring a gear

I tested the mounting by turning on the motor and observing the vinyl circle spinning stably

Video 2. Test of DC motor functioning with mounted vinyl circle