week_5: creating threads of rolled paper and cord as early attempt to an artistic curtain

For this class assignment I decided to create the proof of concept of an artistic curtain inspired on a family tradition as activity for rainy and snowy days. I learned the technique from my mother in law and decided to do it and describe the process here.

The materials used were:

1- paper (cut in triangular shape)

2- Elmer's glue

3- Super stretchy cord

4- Metallic rod

4- Metallic clip

The process involves cutting paper in small triangles. Any paper can be recycled for this purpose and thus offers and opportunity to put into use paper that otherwise would be thrown away. The paper triangles are then rolled with the help of a metallic rod and glue at their tips to keep the rolled paper in place, and later pushed to remove the metallic rod (Figure 1 and 2).

Figure 1. Rolled paper to be used as 'beads' for a prototype of an artistic curtain

Figure 2. Paper 'beads' are placed on a chord and several threads are created (in this case three threads)

Threads made of rolled paper, glue and chord are place as decorative element or they can be used to create an indoor curtain (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Threads are held together with a metallic clip and placed on top of door next to a plant as decorative element