week_1: flash light

For this project I followed one of the ideas described at the 'Instructables' website (http://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Popsicle-Flashlight/) as link suggested on the supplementary materials to this class syllabus online.

The idea is very simple and easy to execute. I selected it because of its teaching potential in explaining what a circuit is to my five years old daughter at home.

It uses aluminum foil, paper clipper, copper wire, 3V battery and a LED light. The LED light is connected to power (the battery) through aluminum foil and to the negative side of the LED light by copper wire and aluminum foil on the back of the wood stick. When the paper clipper handle makes contact with the battery, it acts as a switch closing the circuit and lighting the LED.

LED light turning on when circuit is closed by touching battery with metal from paper clipper.