week_5 & 6: presentation of rough cuts for tango video piece

Based on what I learned during shooting the first clips of the storyboard, I got more confidence in the procedure taking to create a short film using the theoretical and practical knowledge learned in class. The previous shootings served as rehearsal and also as backup clips that I could use in the final piece.

With the help of Gayle Gibbons Madeira and Batt Johnson, who acted the storyboard when shooting in NYC, I was able to assemble a draft of the complete sequence. The first draft included science from the previous shooting when acted by Justine Daniel.

This draft did not included music and/or dialogue, only ambient sound taken directly from the recording of the scenes as the occurred.

I had the opportunity to show the piece (with muted sound and thus only images in motion) to several classmates at ITP and recorded their response. I was careful enough of not telling them the storyline before hand, letting the piece speak by itself. This is what they though about it:

From the discussion in class, I learned that the storyline intended to present an association between 'experiencing the book' and the VR as future product offering, wasn't clear enough and could not be deduced from the sequences of images presented.

Because the short film is intended as promotional material for a tango book, and thus the book itself being the product and not necessarily the VR experience, I decided to left out the clips containing scenes relating to VR for the final version.

Thus, the original idea of marketing a traditional product (a book about tango) with a fictional channel of consuming that product (virtual reality) turned into a short film of artistic character that promoted and encouraging the experience of imagining dancing tango with the author of the book as triggering event derived from reading the book. The film thus shifted towards an indirect approach at encouraging people buying the book by showing they could fantasize dancing with the author who wrote it in real life.