week_2: the soundscape of transitional space

During this week our work focused on practicing the collection of sounds and getting trained in the proper use of the H4 Zoom audio field recorder.

We talked and sketched ideas on the narrative supporting our sonic exploration and the technical feasibility of creating a single piece that could properly represent the story in a meaningful manner. In concrete, we were interested in collecting sounds that represented 'TRANSITIONAL SPACES' to portray with sound the feelings of:

1 'not here, not there'

2 'from here TO there'

3 'going TO'

4 'coming FROM'

The physical spaces that we explored were: ELEVATOR, STAIRS, ENTRANCE OF BUILDING, and FRONT DESK. We both recorded the same spaces as means to capture sounds from different angles and positions within the same space; also as means to have several samplings from cross comparison of sound quality.

Preliminary file sounds can be accessed as follow: