week_2: fabricating multiples

For this class assignment I explored the idea of creating a modular notebook holder in the form of a simple sculptural piece. Five blocks of wood were cut from a longer piece. For each block, five individual holes were made in which I placed a wood rod of varying length. When two or more blocks are placed next to each other, they offer support to store notebooks or folders. By placing them horizontally or vertically, the netbooks can be parallel or perpendicular to the table or desk.

The methodology I followed comprised of these steps:

1- Measure and mark on long piece (three pieces total)

2- Cut them with the handheld saw

3- Measure again each individual block (five blocks in total)

4- Create a hole of 10 mm diameter (five holes per block) with the drill press

5- Cut wood rods (10 mmm diameter) into five different pieces of varying length

6- Sand wood blocks and wood rods

7- Place wood rods into wholes for each wood block

8_ Place notebooks in vertical or horizontal orientation relative to the table


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