When Art Meets Branding

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

What is art? and how can be of use to help promote your brand?

Art can be considered as any form of expression derived from the application of creative skills and imagination. Art in its visual form such as abstract painting and design are works produced to be appreciated primarily for their beauty and emotional power.

When exposed to an artwork that excites us, our brains are designed to act upon that an acquire it, mainly because we identify with it. Brain scientists call this neural circuit the 'motivational system', and is the wiring behind the way our minds perceive art.

When art is associated with a product (or inherently a part of it) our impusle buys are usually dictated by our emotional response to the artwork, that's why the combination of art with branding is a powerful tool in creating a unique image for a product in the consumer's mind.

Branding is about establishing a unique and significant presence in your market that attracts and retain loyal customers. Thus, the coexistence of your products and services with art in any form highly increases the effectiveness of your branding efforts. Furthermore, when art is combined with products that are functional and requires a recurrent use from your customers, branding can have a wider impact.

Take as an example a pocket notebook with abstract designs on its front and back covers (like the one on the picture below) that at the same time contains the logo and mantra of your business. The artwork on the pocket notebook produces an emotional response in your customer that encourages her to acquire it. In addition, a pocket notebook serves a concrete function -a designated space where to write your notes- and conveys a recurrent use and thus, a recurrent exposure to your business logo that is subtle and effective.

What makes abstract art an oustanding channel for branding is that beauty and emotion are cross cultural, and thus without any requirement for written language.