Martin Calvino is fascinated with the use of computers as an expressive medium. He aims at applying coding and visual aesthetics principles to create engaging and meaningful artworks. He is currently artist-in-residence at the 'Art and Artificial Intelligence Lab' at the Computer Science Department of Rutgers University. He was a Senior Research Assistant at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong; and previously attended the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. He holds degrees in Plant Molecular Genetics from Rutgers University (PhD) and Tsukuba University (MS), and in Molecular Biology from the University of the Republic of Uruguay (BS). 

He conducted studies and works under the sponsorship of prestigious fellowships such as Fulbright (USA) and Monbukagakusho (Japan), and in 2012 received the Eileen Brennan Graduate Research Award from the department of Plant Biology & Pathology at Rutgers in recognition for his scientific output. Martin’s interest and work focuses on the integration of Art & Science, New Media Art and Tango, and artistic applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. 





May - Sep 2018

Senior Research Assistant: artistic applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong



April 2018

Worked as assistant to Lisa Park on her interactive art installation and exhibit 'Blooming', Mana Contemporary, Jersey City, USA



Sep 2017 - Apr 2018        

Attended Masters of Professional Studies, Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, New York City



November 2017              

Editor at Adjacent, a journal on Emerging Media published by ITP/IMA at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. Worked on editing article to be published on 2nd issue



May 2019                  

TechnoArte Latino: talks & performances featuring Latin artists living in USA that use digital technologies as central part in their creative process. 

Princeton Public Library, Princeton, New Jersey


October 2018              

Approaching Uruguayan culture through the lens of New Media Arts: Consulate General of Uruguay in New York.





Nov 22 - December 8 2019 (upcoming)

Helitron Art digital artwork

Squares 2019 International Exhibition

CICA Museum, South Korea

Nov - December 2013        

OQ Coffee Gallery: Exhibited 15 paintings (acrylic on canvas), selling 13 of them, Highland Park, New Jersey, USA



February 2019              

Electronic music performance at Rutgers University, Piscataway, New Jersey for the undergraduate course in 'Music in the Caribbean' for the Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies Department - Invited by Instructor Bob Ramos  

October 2018               

Video-art projected as accompaniment to experimental sound piece by Lu Wang. 

Performed at Consulate General of Uruguay in New York  

February 2018              

1+1=3 Collaborative performance between students from ITP and the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU. I created visuals and performed them live accompanying live music from Olivia Reid and Jack Kleinick (aka Howard Loomis), New York City



February 2016              

Visual interpretation of LinkedIn Economic Graph: research-based art with on site visit, written discourse and website link, New York City

March 2016                

Art created for John Michael Colon's podcast 'General Inquiry', Princeton, New Jersey, USA



April 2019

Digital edition of acrylic on cardboard painting was acquired by private collector, Philadelphia, USA 

April 2018                

Digital edition of the artwork named 'Atardecer Geometrico' was acquired by private collector, Philadelphia, USA



Dec 2018 - to present      

Artist-in-residency at the 'Art and Artificial Intelligence Lab' at the Computer Science Department of Rutgers University

November 2016              

Art, technology and science: research-based art at the intersection of plant genomics with short onsite residency at GEN, Center for the Arts and Sciences, Montevideo, Uruguay. Created art and wrote discourse

Sep - October 2016         

Art, technology and tango: research-based art with onsite residency at the Laboratory of Computerized Languages, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of the Republic of Uruguay

August 2016                

Artistic rationalization of 'sustainable intensification': research-based art with on site residency at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences in Montevideo, Uruguay with written discourse and website link



May 2019

TechnoArte Latino - Princeton Public Library, Princeton NJ

Talked about 'Geometric And Genomic AbstractionISM' and the 're-intepretation of tango culture through the lens of multimedia arts'. 

February 2019

'Approaching Tango Culture from the Perspective of Multimedia Arts' talk at Rutgers University, Piscataway, New Jersey for the undergraduate course in 'Music in the Caribbean' for the Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies Department - Invited by Instructor Bob Ramos


College of Arts Association Conference, Hunter College, NYC



October 2018              

Creative Expression at the intersection of Tango and New Media Arts: Consulate General of Uruguay in New York. 

September 2018            

Creative Expression at the intersection of Tango and New Media Arts: Music And Audio Research Laboratory at NYU-Steinhardt. Talked about my work in music visualization, motion capture of tango dancers, sound stories and short films inspired on tango. 

October 2016              

Seminario Internacional de Narrativas Hipertextuales, Montevideo, Uruguay: talked about algorithm art I created inspired on concepts from plant genetics

January 2016            

Virtual Symposium on Information & Technology in the Arts & Humanities: talked about my transition from a career in plant sciences to entrepreneurship to art



June 2019

'Noema Magazine': Post-polyploidy sub-genome evolution of glitch art (full text)

April 2019

'Nación Eléctrica': Webzine of Electronic Music from Chile featured 'looping_thoughts', my first release of electronic music under the label 'Bandurria Records'

February 2019

'NOEMA Magazine': A Framework for the Integration of Art & Science

September 2018            

'CLOT Magazine': Martin Calvino - scientific knowledge conveyed in artistic form                                                                                                                                              

'Interalia Magazine': Emerging Ideas:' Martin Calvino: Post-polyploidy subgenome                             evolution of glitch art (summary of work)                                                                                           subgenome-evolution-of-glitch-art/

January 2018             

'Art Uncovered' radio podcast with Kimberly Ruth                                                             BTRtoday: 



August-November 2019 (upcoming)

Videokanava’s FEM4 Contemporary Art Exhibition & World of Tango Festival

Tampere - Finland

Screening of short films 'Ocho Cortado', 'Cuatro Palabras', and 'Dance What You Read' 

June-August 2019

FILE - Electronic Language International Festival

SESI Gallery of Art - Sao Paulo - Brazil

Screening of audiovisual piece 'MOVE WITH ME' 

March-April 2019

Proyecto Rotatoria

Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires - Argentina 

Screening of animated GIF

February 2019

The Lift-Off Sessions Online Film Festival - Vimeo On Demand

Screening of 'Ocho_Cortado: altered realities of a tango dream' short film. Created, directed and produced by Martin Calvino


December 2018            

Proyecto Rotatoria - screening of two tango-related audiovisual works in the format of animated GIFs CineClub Municipal Hugo Del Carril, Cordoba - Argentina                       URLs:                                                           

August 2018              

MOTIF Film Festival (Fairbanks, Alaska),  screening of 'Cuatro Palabras' tango short film created, directed and produced by Calvino M.                                                   URL:




November 2018            

'looping_thoughts' - album of electronic music with tango lyrics created using machine learning. The album was released under Record Label 'Bandurria'                                                               URLs:                                                                                                                                                                       




February 2019                 

Calvino M, "Procedurally Generated Artworks Based On Multiple Sequence Alignment Of Orthologous Gene Copies," Leonardo Journal (ACCEPTED)

December 2018            

Calvino M, "Computational art inspired on genome browsers," Leonardo Journal (ACCEPTED)



Martin Calvino lives between New Jersey / United States and Uruguay, and frequently travels to different cities and countries. He can be contacted at and you can friend him on FacebookWhen not working, he likes dancing tango with his wife. He also creates artworks in collaboration with his seven years old daughter, as there is no age for creative exploration

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