November 12, 2019


Although objective reporting is the landmark of professional journalism, several academics have argued that the media is ideologically biased. The association of the printed press (newspapers) with political parties have long been acknowledged in Uruguay. Howe...

September 7, 2019


Previously a Convolutional Neural Network was used by the author to classify images derived from artworks containing handmade visual elements relative to images derived from artworks created entirely with computer code [1]. However, the visual concepts learned...

July 19, 2019


Image classification using Convolutional Neural Networks was used to asses the artistic portfolio of Martin Calvino's work that included hand's gesture derived artworks from algorithmically created artworks. The machine learning algorithm approach used could ef...

June 11, 2019

Organizers of the program 'Viví Tango' under the sponsorship of 'Intendencia Municipal de Montevideo' (Montevideo - Uruguay) have recently reached out to me requesting the writing of a commissioned proposal for an art-tech-tango event that could combine audiovisual ele...

May 6, 2019

In this brief essay, the author describes the re-appropriation of the previously created and released short film named "Ocho Cortado: Altered Realities of a Tango Dream' as raw material for video art creation and; at the same time as accompaniment to an electroTango so...


The work presented here explored the aesthetic possibilities of using Helitron Transposon DNA sequences from the maize genome as raw material for the creation of algorithmic art. Complex network graphs constructed from Wikipedia pages were re-mixed based on th...

March 23, 2019


In this work the author attempted to hybridize aspects of contemporary digital communication such as Facebook text messages, personal data derived from social media use, text analysis and visualization using computer algorithms, and traditional abstract painti...

March 8, 2019


Concurrently with the beginning of 2019, I started an artist-in-residence at the 'Art And Artificial Intelligence Lab' at the Computer Science Department of Rutgers University. When reflecting on the current use (and future possibilities) of deep learning fo...

January 28, 2019

Date: Sunday-May-5-2019

Hour: 2-to-4:30 PM

Location: Princeton Public Library


City: Princeton, New Jersey

Admission: FREE

Curators: Martin CalvinoAaron Montoya-Moraga


December 31, 2018


'OCHO_CORTADO' is a short film depicting altered realities of a tango dream from a female dancer's perspective. The story takes place on a subway commute (NYC's subway) when the main character (female dancer) fall asleep on her seat and start dreaming about da...

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New York, United States