Offering publicity spots in artistic short films presented at various international festivals and art venues. The combination of art in the form of short films and videos with your brand is a powerful tool in creating a unique image for your product/service.


front_cover: $180 - $200

back_cover: $120 - $160


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front_cover (beginning of film)


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upcoming_films >> three tango stories:


synopsis of film_1 (starts on December 2018) 

A female dancer has surrealistic dreams while commuting on the NYC subway, dancing on each train stop with a different stranger. Her dreams anticipate a tragic event in the near future. 


synopsis of film_2 (starts on January 2019) 

After getting drank on a bar, the male character hallucinates a tango couple dancing on the corner of a NYC street. They turn out to be his future dance teachers with a life twist.


synopsis of film_3 (starts on February 2019) 

In the near future women has taken command. They have established rules, laws and technology to control undesirable masculine behavior such as 'erections on the dance floor'.

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film_1 + front_cover + right_section



film_1 + back_cover + right_section



film_1 + front_cover + left_section



film_1 + back_cover + left_section

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'Cuatro Palabras'(Aug-2018)

Screened at MoTiF Film Festival

'Dance What You Read'(Oct-2017)

Artistic advertisement for 'Tango Intoxication', a book written by Batt Johnson

'Cuerpo-Ventana del Recuerdo'(Oct-2018)

Video art & audiovisual piece presented at the 'Consulate General of Uruguay in New York'

'Move with Me'(Feb-2018)

Music video for 'Howard Loomis', for their new song 'Move with Me'

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The art of the moving image (short films, video_art, and audiovisual work) is cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary and multi-directional, and thus can access an audience that traditional advertisement content cannot. Multimedia art is the future of content marketing for the digital era!