artwork for commercial projects 

I am an emerging new media artist and creative technologist with entrepreneurial experience and science background.


My current work explores the imaginative use of communication technologies in the creation of algorithmic art and its intersection with genomics. I’ve recently coined this form of artistic expression as GAGAISMO(from Genomic And Geometric Abstraction-ISM). Additional artistic interests include the application of new media technologies to tango music and dance, data visualization and sonification, fashion, and human’s artistic and emotional integration with machines.

I am currently booking commercial projects (licensed and non-licensed) for 2017.


 artwork for non-commercial projects  

The creation of artworks for non-commercial projects varies in subject matter and is implemented in the form of residencies and commissioned art.


I am available for artist-in-residence opportunities to work on projects at the intersection of art & science, art & social issues, art & technology, art & traditional culture.

Previous residencies included:

# GEN Center for the Arts & Science, Montevideo (November 2016)

Created artwork based on DNA sequence data from rice genomic segments that responded in real time to weather conditions retrieved from six different cities around the world.

# Laboratory of Computerized Languages, Faculty of Fine Arts,

University of the Republic of Uruguay (September - October 2016)

Worked on the creation of artworks that had as inspirational object the genome browser of the plant Arabidopsis thaliana. Gave talk at the International Seminar of Hypertext Narratives. Conceptualized a new form of artistic expression at the intersection of abstract expressionism & genomics that I named GAGAISMO (from Geometric And Genomic AbstractionISM).

Worked on the creation of artwork at the intersection of Tango dance and culture by developing responsive art that reacted to the motion of tango dancers.

# National Institute of Agricultural Sciences of Uruguay (August 2016)

Approached the agronomic concept of 'sustainable intensification' by creating an artwork that highlighted my visual interpretation of the topic in conjunction with my statement as artist.


I create commissioned art embedded in webpages, providing dedicated URL containing the image and artist statement. The webpage serves as a source to showcase the work without having to share the original file. Digital artworks are delivered with certificate of authenticity describing the work as single edition art.

 art available for sale 

Digital files as well as high quality prints of images displayed on this website are available for sale upon request. Digital files and prints are delivered with CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY from the artist. 

 talks & texts 


If you find my work and career path interesting and want to invite me to give a talk, do not hesitate to contact me.

Seminario Internacional de Narrativas Hipertextuales:



Virtual Symposium on Information & Technology in the Arts & Humanities:




If you find my essays interesting and would like to invite me to write one for you magazine, journal, newspaper, blog, website or publishing company, please contact me.